Strategies for Keeping Pets Calm During Fireworks

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, many people are looking forward to the glorious firework shows that always marks this nation’s independence; however, there are some that are not looking forward to firework shows this year. Those would be pets.

Many animals find fireworks scary. The loud noises and bright flashes of light can cause confusion, causing animals to scatter. More animals go missing on July 4ththan on any other day of the year. Therefore, it is important for pet owners to find ways to keep their pets as calm as possible. There are a few helpful strategies to keep in mind.

Strategies for All Pets

There are a few strategies for keeping animals calm that can be applied to all pets. These include:

  • Provide dogs and cats with someplace safe to hide at all times. This might include a spot under the furniture or a quiet corner. If they have a sanctuary to which they can retreat, they will be less likely to run away.
  • Make sure that dogs and cats stay indoors when the fireworks start to go off. Try to close all windows and curtains. This will muffle the sound of fireworks while making it harder for them to escape.
  • It is helpful to play music while the fireworks are going off. This will mask the sound of the fireworks, keeping pets calm.
  • All pets should be microchipped so that they can be found in the event they run away.
  • If pets get scared during firework shows, do not punish them. This will only teach them to fear firework shows even more, making everything worse down the road.

In addition to these helpful strategies, CBD can also be a helpful way to keep pets calm during fireworks.CBD stands for cannabidiol. It has received a lot of attention on the human side because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, exerting its effects. People have used CBD for a variety of needs, including mental health issues.

This has led to the rise of CBD in pets with fantastic products such as Phyto-Bites. Phyto-Bites is a healthy, natural alternative to many other CBD product son the market. Some of the benefits of Phyto-Bites include:

  • It is organic-certified, CO2-extracted CBD oil
  • IT is made in the United States using only the highest quality, natural ingredients
  • Phyto-Bites provides controlled dosing for pets using a targeted delivery mechanism
  • The CBD in Phyto-Bites is made in an ISO certified and FDA-registered facility

In addition, there are some specific strategies that can be used to keep dogs and cats calm during fireworks.

Keeping Dogs Calm During Fireworks

For dog owners, there are a few additional strategies they can employ. These include:

  • Try to take dogs out to play during daylight hours. This will make them tired, helping them relax more easily when the fireworks start
  • Try to create a blacked-out doggy play area that will conceal the bright flashes of fireworks
  • Make sure to place all of the dog’s favorite toys in this play area
  • Try not to look at the fireworks if you stay home, as this will focus your dog’s attention elsewhere

These strategies can keep dogs calm during fireworks.

Keeping Cats Calm During Fireworks

Cat owners can follow a few other strategies to keep their feline friends calm during a firework show. These include:

  • Think about putting out a cardboard box in a dark area, which will encourage the cat to hide
  • If the cat hides underneath the furniture, do not try to entice them to come out, as this will only add to the stress
  • Think about providing the cat with a ball of yarn or some other toy, located in a dark area

These simple strategies can go a long way toward keeping cats calm during a firework show.

Pay Attention to Pets During the Fourth of July

It is critical for pet owners to think about their furry friends on July 4th. While fireworks are a visual spectacle, they are also frightening for pets. Therefore, take some of the steps above to keep them calm.


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