Is Your CBD Oil Certified?

The CBD industry does not have a regulatory body, so there are no universal standards for its creation and distribution. States in which marijuana and CBD are legalized have their own laws, but they can vary widely.

So, an excellent way to verify that your oil is high-quality is to ask about its certification. Certified oil means that a third-party testing organization has inspected the product for its potency and safety.

Keep in mind that you should buy oil from locally-grown plants. Products from other countries can be much less regulated, which means you will not really know what’s inside them. Remember, not all manufacturing processes yield the same results, so it is better to see what you are getting. Cannabis grown in the U.S. is generally going to be safer and more potent.

What is Organic CBD?
Just as you might want to buy organic produce from the grocery store, it can be a good idea to get organic CBD oil. In the U.S., the “organic” label just means that the plants were not sprayed with industrial pesticides. While that does not necessarily mean the cannabis is better or healthier, it can pose less of a risk during the manufacturing process. If a company does not use the CO2 method, traces of those chemicals can wind up in your oil.

When buying organic CBD, be sure to ask questions about the growing and harvesting process. Many cannabis growers opt for natural pest control methods, but again, there is no standardization.

Let CBD Unlimited Deliver the Best CBD Oil
Finding high-quality CBD oil can be a challenge unless you know where to look. At CBD Unlimited, we take pride in knowing that our products are rigorously tested for their potency. We have also been in the industry since it started, so we have had time to develop the best methods for testing and refinement. Experience the CBD Unlimited difference today. Contact us for more details.

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