Endexx Debuts First AutoSpense Program Internationally Into Jamaica

Epican, Jamaica’s First Licensed Dispensary, Installs Autospense™ Technology

CAVE CREEK, AZ, July 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Endexx Corporation (OTC PINK: EDXC), a provider of innovative phytonutrient-based food and nutritional products, is pleased to announce that it will debut its AutoSpense™ machine to Epican Medicinals (“Epican”), installing its first location in Kingston, Jamaica.  Partnering with Epican, Endexx provides it’s highly secured inventory control and dispensing device to the first vertically licensed medical marijuana company in Jamaica.

Epican, is the first company in Jamaica’s history to be granted a commercial cultivation license. Epican’s mission is to set an international industry standard within the developing global cannabis industry by providing both safe and consistent products as well as a sustainable production system.  Epican with its partnership with The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (the“Company” or “TGOD”)  recently announced the successful opening of its first legal cannabis retail store in Jamaica on July 14th.

Seeking to capitalize on the tourism and the booming cannabis market within Jamaica, Epican has installed Endexx’s AutoSpense™ system to accommodate U.S. currency and other tourist transactions with transparency and ease. AutoSpense™ monitors inventory, tracks identification, lowers costs of transactions, reduces theft and improves the overall customer experience.  Additionally, AutoSpense™ utilizes the vault level security dispensing platform developed by Endexx, removing the need for currency exchange prior to purchases and allows for secured sales transactions during hours where stores are closed.

Epican Founder, Karibe McKenzie, stated, “Incorporating highly compliant technology like AutoSpense allows Epican’s customers to fully enjoy the experience in the dispensary environment. Our mission in Jamaica is to set the standards while we help Jamaica grow this newly legalized industry.”

“Expanding AutoSpense™ internationally is a major milestone in our Company’s history,” Endexx Chief Executive Officer, Todd Davis, explained. “We are partnering with Jamaica’s first ever licensed cannabis cultivator and distributor which establishes our credibility and validates the demand for our technology.

This opportunity will allow us to expand to more locations and countries around the world.  We are providing an automated solution that simplifies transactions for customers, requires no currency exchanges or regulated hours, maintains a precise tracking system for accounting, as well as, product expiration dates, inventory, ID verification, security and compliance reporting that provides our customers with the best system on the market. Our solution provides a secure, high capacity and customizable solution for our clients who will benefit from our simple, intuitive transactional and convenient process.  We are excited to see how other countries adopt our program and utilize this amazing system.”

AutoSpense™ is an industrial-grade, high-tech, and highly secured

inventory control and automated dispensing device. The technology provides a best-in class solution to improving customer access to products. Designed to properly control transactions and manage inventory, it provides instantaneous accounting details to ensure both product and customer security.  Its unique applications are under development with select industry leading partners to improve shopping experiences. Through automation, AutoSpense™ increases productivity and reduces costs for both pharmacy and retailers, stopping shrink and theft, while enhancing customer experience and reducing transaction time for customers in a safe manner. AutoSpense™ is backed by Endexx’s proprietary software (M3hub™) which fully supports state and federal compliance programs.

About Endexx

Endexx, with its collaborative partners and consultants, develops and distributes two consumable product lines derived from industrial hemp, which is organic and naturally rich in phytocannabinoids. Phyto-Bites® is its CBD-infused soft chews for dogs and cats. The dog treats are formulated to promote health and support the reduction of separation anxiety, pain and inflammation. The company also has two technology products and services that launched in 2014 – the m3hub and the AutoSpense™. The AutoSpense™ is a commercial-grade inventory control and dispensing device that provides up-to-the-minute accounting details and ensures both product and patient security. By automating the dispensing process, AutoSpense™ increases productivity and reduces costs for pharmacy and retailers, stopping shrink and theft, while enhancing customer experience and reducing transaction time for customers. Websites include www.cbdunlimited.comwww.endexx.com and www.phytobites.com.

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