Endexx CEO, Todd Davis Interviewed on the Uptick Network

Todd Davis, CEO of ENDEXX Corp. (OTCPK:EDXC) was interviewed on the Uptick Network regarding its collaboration with Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Company. Endexx is working with the company to produce a new line of CBD infused beverages under the Mad Hatter brand.

For the past 6 months the companies have been working on developing formulations for individual tea bags and K-cups that are infused with CBD. Endexx is developing a CBD based water soluble product that can be easily infused in foods and beverages.  Endexx sources its CBD-rich hemp extracts from licensed growers in Colorado, collaborates with doctors and scientists to conduct patient trials and constantly expands its national distribution network.

Through rigorous testing the companies are working together to ensure that their efforts to bringing a quality health product to the national market is a successful one. The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co. has led the niche market of cannabis-infused gourmet organic coffee and tea beverages since 2007, and is a true pioneer in cannabis-infused edible brands with beverage products currently available in 7 legalized states and over 2000 stores in the U.S. Endexx is excited to be working with a well established company that only picks quality ingredients and puts the customer first.

Listen to CEO Todd Davis talk about their line CBD based oils and the significant improvements patients experienced during their diabetic neuropathy pain trials by listening in on the Uptick Network Stock Day Radio Show by clicking here.

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