Why CBD Unlimited?

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Our Story

CBD Unlimited was founded in 2014 with the belief that cannabidiol, known as CBD, unlocked a new frontier in natural healing.

With a biotech background stretching back to the 90s, founder Todd Davis quickly identified that the young industry faced a major challenge: nobody knew how to measure and control dosage.

Through our participation in the 2014 hemp pilot program, we set out to find the answers ourselves. We supported four separate studies with 180 volunteer patients. The process helped define effective dosing ranges for each delivery system.  Research continues to this day, as we build statistical models that will lead to peer reviewed scientific analysis helping to advance the science of CBD.

Today, CBD is everywhere, but few companies have invested the time, resources and care in formulating properly  dosed, high-value products for the consumer.

We’re proud to stand behind every one of our products as an effective means for easing a wide variety of conditions. We firmly believe that CBD, effectively dosed, can improve an individual’s quality of life.


Todd Davis

Founder and CEO


Targeted Delivery

What’s the point of taking a product if it never reaches its intended destination?

We’ve spent half a decade perfecting the delivery of every product to ensure maximum absorption and value from each serving.

Unique Formulations

CBD is just the beginning. Many of our products contain powerful adaptogenic herbs that compound and enhance the core therapeutic experience of CBD.

Ashwagandha, turmeric, L-theanine, rhodiola rosea, lemon balm, and valerian root are just a few of the well-researched supplements that are affordably designed into our product line. Independently, these ingredients can be very expensive. Each formulation optimizes the value and performance across our family of products.

Consistent Concentration

Quality and consistency can be trusted with CBD Unlimited: we provide a consistent concentration of 1.8-2.5% CBD across all products. Curious how that matches up to competitors? Our testing indicates that competing brands don’t match our concentration.

Logo Tincture Leading Competitor 1 Leading Competitor 2 Competitor 3
CBD Concentration 2.5% 0.67%-2.3% 0.33%-1.25% 1%-2.5%
Cost/Serving $0.50 $1.80-$4.33 $0.29-$0.56 $1.33-$1.89
Strongest concentration, best value 3x more expensive, weaker concentration Too diluted for therapeutic effect 2-3x more expensive, equal or weaker concentration

Our Customers

We’re proud to supply customers nationwide a new, alternative tool for addressing different ailments with the essential CBD support they need. Our customer testimonials may provide insight into the benefits people are experiencing with the use of CBD Unlimited products.