CBD Unlimited, Inc. prides itself on delivering the products of the highest quality and safety. We conduct independent testing of all our products at their time of manufacture, and on a scheduled cyclic basis for inventory. We are committed to protecting you and your loved ones from contamination caused by pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and dangerous microbes. We have posted sample reports for our Certificates of Analysis. You can obtain the most recent COA for your product of interest by emailing smittie@cbdunlimited.com with the subject line “COA Request for <product>”.

Please note that CBD Unlimited, Inc. is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices that contribute not only to a better quality of life for our customers, but that respect our planet and its resources. Our full line comply with Vegan and Vegetarian diets, with the exception of our Maggie’s Balm for its use of beeswax. All our other products contain no animal ingredients or animal by-products. We also ensure that there is no use animal ingredients or by-products in our manufacturing processes.

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Colorado Grown Certified Hemp Oil

Sliver Moon Nutraceutical COA Test

Potency Profile – CBD Hemp Oil

Terpene Report

Residual Solvents Analysis


Isolate from Certified Organic European Hemp

Botanacor COA Isolate Test

Potency Profile & Residual Solvents Analysis – CBD Isolate


Iron Laboratories

Iron Laboratories – Potency Profile Analysis #102924



COA ECO X (11_16_17) CBD Isolate (pro-verde)


CBD Isolate (DeltaVerde)

2018.11 – CBD Isolate (DeltaVerde)


CBD Isolate (PharmLabs)

2018.11 – CBD Isolate (PharmLabs)